I wrote here that mediations are often preferable to settlement conferences. The mediator is chosen by the parties, while the trial judge who presides over the settlement conference generally is not. Further, the mediator often has more time than the trial judge to devote to the settlement process.

This month’s Forum Magazine published an article by Kristine

A settlement conference is supervised by the trial judge or by another judge who is assigned to the settlement conference by the court administration. The parties mAviation Accident Mediationeet with the judge informally in the judge’s chambers (his office) and try to resolve the case.  The judge makes no rulings and issues no orders during

An aviation insurance company must fairly compensate those injured due to the negligence of one of its policy holders.  Of course, in most cases, the insurance company’s  financial responsibility is limited to the dollar limits of the insurance policy. 

But not always. 

When an insurance company unreasonably forces an aviation accident victim to take his case to trial instead