Contingency Fee Aviation Lawyers

Not necessarily.

The accident victim should retain the best aviation contingency fee attorney he can find, regardless of the attorney’s piloting credentials. Rather than asking whether the prospective attorney has a pilot’s license, the victim should ask whether the attorney has a history of successful jury verdicts in aviation cases. A record of successful verdicts is important

The costs of litigating an aviation accident case can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. The expenses may include expert fees, deposition costs, investigation costs, and court fees. Under the contingency fee agreement, the client does not pay any litigation expenses. Instead, the attorney does. The attorney is reimbursed only if there is a

Aviation accidents are newsworthy events, and the victims’ names and hometowns often end up in the papers. When that happens, disreputable lawyers descend upon the family members, hoping to sign the families to retainer agreements when they are most vulnerable.

State ethics laws generally prohibit lawyers from making uninvited in-person or telephone contact with a victim’s

Air traffic controllers work within the guidelines set forth in the Controller’s Handbook (pdf), which they often call "the Bible."  The Handbook is hundreds of pages long, and controllers must follow it to the letter.  If they deviate and an accident results, the Federal Tort Claims Act permits the victim to sue the FAA for negligence.