The National Transportation Board investigates every general aviation accident.  It chalks up the vast majority to pilot error. But half the time, it’s just wrong.

The trouble’s that, in investigating an accident, the NTSB refuses to consult with the pilot’s family or the family’s experts. Rather, it invites into the investigation only other potentially responsible parties–usually the manufacturers of the plane and the plane’s engine–seeking their technical “expertise.” That introduces into the investigation an inherent conflict of interest. It’s no wonder that the NTSB ends up blaming the pilot more often than not.

I’ve written about the inherent conflict of interest for years.  And certainly I’ve had cases where the NTSB determined that the crash was the result of pilot error, but I proved in court the NTSB was just plain wrong.

Now a new film, Invisible Sky, challenges the NTSB’s work in connection with a general aviation crash that killed an opera singer and four of her friends.  I’m told the film takes the NTSB head on.  Click on the image to watch the trailer.

Invisible Sky